9 easy ways to live more sustainably

If you think living more sustainably requires big changes, think again!

It’s all about making small changes and doing what we can, when we can. We like to think of it as small steps towards bigger change.


Here’s a few ideas to get you started…


  1. Buy secondhand – From Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace, to swap meets and vintage markets, there’s plenty of places where you can find clothes, furniture, toys and more in great preloved condition.

  2. Try a reusable cup – Heading out for coffee? Instead of getting your flat white in a takeaway cup, invest in a reusable option (we love Frank Green and Keep Cup) as a way of reducing incidental waste.

  3. Opt for ‘rejected’ fruit and veggies – Your local supermarket will often have a section where less than perfect stock (think apples with a brown spot here and there, or carrots in a funny twisted shape) is available for sale. These perfectly imperfect items still taste great but are a far more sustainable option.

  4. Donate unused items – That jacket you no longer wear that’s sitting in the cupboard? Those toys in the corner of the living room? If there are items you no long use, consider donating them to your local op-shop rather than throwing out. It not only keeps the items out of landfill, but also means that someone else can purchase and then enjoy!

  5. Don’t forget your enviro bag – Next time you head to the supermarket, make sure you take your reusable bags rather than opting for the plastic bags at the counter. We like to keep a stash hanging by the front door or in the boot of the car so we don’t forget.

  6. Go digital – Plenty of service providers and retail shops now offer digital statements and invoices. They’re a great way to cut down on paper usage while still having access to your info.

  7. Wash more wisely – Spotted a stain on your favourite shirt? Instead of throwing it into the washing machine, try spot treating it and hanging out to try rather than using the extra water and power to do a full wash.

  8. Repair rather than repurchase – While we’re on the topic of clothes, next time you spot a hole in your favourite pants or a loose button on a shirt, grab the needle and thread out to repair rather than be tempted to buy something new.

  9. Set up a subscription – Do you have a favourite compostable coffee pod you like to use? How about a certain brand of biodegradable nappies for bub? Subscription services are becoming more and more popular – not only are they a great way to ensure you never run out of your favourite items, it’s one less car trip out to the shops. Hint hint – etch&ethos offer subscriptions for both the Hydrating Body Wash and Nourishing Body Lotion. Simply select your frequency, set and forget! Plus there’s a discount for subscribing too!



What would you add to the list? Drop us a line at info@etchandethos.com and send us your ideas.